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Azalea-Valley in the Lower Forest in Zalaegerszeg is a favourite place for taking a trip. It gives beautiful sights in spring to people who would like to relax. The colourful azalea with its wonderful fragrance or in its other name the rhododendron bursts into blooms in the end of April and in May, making the landscape fabulous. It is well worth getting back there because the valley changes continuously as a result of blooming different species in different periods. Only yellow azalea (Caucasian) has a real fragrance, however, you can smell this fragrance in the entire valley.
You can visit the valley freely all year.

It was established from non-penetrable Acacia woods on the basis of Gyula Fatalin, a forest engineer, on the example of the Jeli Arboretum. Exota plants were planted in the valley with its unique microclimate, as an experiment in the 70s. Saplings were taken from Jeli, first of all. The collection could become an arboretum later in the environment with its mountain atmosphere.

White fir, sequoia, Serbian spruce, Sitka spruce, European and Japanese larch, soft pine, Caucasian fir, green and blue Douglas firs, and different thujas can be found in the valley – which has had the name of the Natural Wonder of Zala County on the basis of the votes of the public since 2010.

The valley can be visited freely all year.

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