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Arboretum in Csácsbozsok

The Arboretum in Csácsbozsok is situated on the east border of Zalaegerszeg, in the suburbs of Csácsbozsok, about 4 kilometres from the town centre; it is 83-hectare protected area, where all characteristic tree and shrub species of the forested areas in Zala County can be found. Its terrain is diversified, each exposure can be discovered. The height above sea level varies between 196 and 302 metres. Pin oaks and cypresses can be found on the plain areas, whereas, we arrive in oak and beech woods in the hills and on the tops.
This estate used to belong to the abbey in Zalavár, which was considered to be a popular tourist area for the inhabitants of Zalaegerszeg before the World War II. Later, in 1945 it was nationalized, the Forestry Company in Zalaegerszeg started to operate it. During the World War II a significant area of the spruce woods was logged for military purposes, spruces, 30-40 different types of evergreens and leafy trees were planted on their place.

An experiment area of 16 fir species was established with research and education purposes, where the connections between the planting networks and the growth of the given species were examined.

The 42-hectare fenced area is surrounded by a 750-hectare forest area, across which a 7.3-kilometre long macadam path was built in November 2001– improving the development of the forest significantly.

The core area of the arboretum was declared to be a national value with local importance by the municipality of Zalaegerszeg in 2001; the aim is to preserve the natural values in the arboretum, to sustain the developed dendrology collection in the long term and to provide the appropriate venue for the inhabitants to relax and recreate.

Among others, several protected plant species can be found in the arboretum such as narrow buckler fern, primrose, martagon lily, mezereum, cyclamen, black bryony, lesser butterfly-orchid, spring snowflake, furthermore, several Ceph and Helleborine species.

Opening hours

  • From 1st April to 30th September on Saturday and Sunday, furthermore, on Bank Holidays from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.,
  • From 1st October to 15th November on Saturday and Sunday, furthermore, on Bank Holidays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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