Price list


General Information

  • Our contracted partners will be served primarily, thank you very much for your understanding!
  • You could be given information about the extra quantities to be sold by the Department of Trading.
  • The prices on the price list include VAT (27%).
  • The prices on the list are considered to be minimum prices for each wood species. Exact prices can be calculated on the basis of their real quality.
  • The price list is valid from 1st November 2021.

Further Information

Department of Trading
6. Múzeum Square, 8800 Nagykanizsa
Phone: +3693500213
Fax: +3693500253
E-mail: kereskedelem@zalaerdo.hu

Péter Trojkó Head of Department of Trading

Wood species Range Initial price HUF/m3 (Minimum amount to be paid; the exact price can be calculated on the basis of quality categories)
Oak Sawlog from 43180 HUF
Beech and Maple Sawlog from 27940 HUF
Acacia Sawlog from 39370 HUF
Turkey oak Sawlog from 27940 HUF
Hornbeam Sawlog from 25400 HUF
Ash Sawlog from 40640 HUF
Cherry Sawlog from 35560 HUF
Elm, Platanus, Chestnut Sawlog from 24130 HUF
Alder Sawlog from 19050 HUF
Linden Sawlog from 22860 HUF
Birch Sawlog from 22860 HUF
Canadian poplar Sawlog from 16540 HUF
Poplar, Willow Sawlog from 15240 HUF
Red oak Sawlog from 29210 HUF
Pine (Scots pine, Spruce, Larch, Douglas fir, fir, black pine and pine) Sawlog from 25400 HUF