Price list



Hunter Castle in Olgmajor, Hunter House in Sohollár, Hunter House in Szentpéterfölde(day/person)
I. A class50 €
I. B class50 €
Hunter House in Budafa, Márki Hunter House, Hunter House in Obornak, Hunter House in Pusztaapáti(day/person)
I. A class50 €
I. B class50 €
CateringI. classI. B. classII. class
Breakfast17 €13 €9 €
Lunch28 €21 €15 €
Dinner28 €21 €15 €
Full board70 €50 €35 €


Using a carriage or a sledge: 22 €/hour
Using a horse-drawn carriage all day: 150 €/day
(When using the carriage you are given the opportunity to kill a red deer stag less than 8 kg, a red deer hind, a heifer and a wild boar tusker for the prices on the price list.)
Using a jeep for hunting: 1.0 €/km
Transfer: 0.7 €/km
Forest railway: 310 €/group

Skins, hides
(Raw, salted)
Roe skin: 40 €
Deer skin: 80 €
Fallow deer skin: 80 €
Wild boar skin: 120 €
Fox- and golden jackal skin: 65 €

Prices of venison
Roe: 5 €
Red deer, fallow deer: 6 €
Wild boar: 2 €

Fallen red deer antler: 23 €/kg
Fallen fallow deer antler: 13 €/kg
The price of the antler with the skull, depending on the beauty of the antler, as agreed upon, but at least the 10 % of the shooting price.

Trophy catalogue: 20 €

Trophy evaluation
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