Price list

State railway in Csömödér

It is valid: from 1st April 2022

General Information – Passenger Transport

  • The prices are calculated in HUF and include VAT (27%)!
  • Extra ticket (regardless of the distance): single ticket: 800 HUF; return ticket: 1100 HUF
  • Supplement (regardless of the distance) 5000 HUF
  • Staff ticket (regardless of the distance): 400 HUF
  • Extra tickets have to be purchased for transporting bicycles, living animals and etc.
  • Passengers travelling without a valid ticket are obliged to pay a supplement.
  • Passengers possessing a MÁV card with a photo are entitled to purchase a staff ticket, which shall entitle them to travel unlimited on the day of the issue, in accordance with the "Agreement for ticket price reduction”.
  • Students, pensioners, public service employees, families with more than two children and disabled people are entitled to buy tickets at a reduced price.
  • Children travel free of charge until the age of 3.
  • Tickets can be purchased in the train.

General information – special train

  • Special trains can be ordered at the forest railway all year; you have to contact the Railway Company to make an appointment seven days before the date of the departure you have planned.
  • Your order has to contain: the name of the customer, the departure date and time of the special train and the duration of the journey, the departure and the destination, and the number of participants.
  • The journey by the special train can be cancelled 48 hours before the journey starts free of charge. If the journey by the special train fails and it is the fault of the customer, the customer has to pay the charge of 40000 HUF as the costs of the preparation of the train for the journey. This amount has to be paid in at the cashier’s office of the Forestry Company at the same time when the order is placed. The costs of the preparation of the train for the journey are included in the price of the special train.
  • The prices are calculated in HUF and include VAT (27%)!
  • The price of the journey by the special train at reduced price can be calculated on the basis of the proportion of the passengers entitled to get a discount.

For further information

Forestry Company in Bánokszentgyörgy
Kossuth Street, 8891, Bánokszentgyörgy
Phone: +3693546910
E-mail: banokszentgyörgy@zalaerdo.hu

Railway Company in Csömödér
Vasút Street, 8957 Csömödér
Phone: +3692579033
Mobil: +36304742146
E-mail: erdeivasut@zalaerdo.hu