Price list

Firewood for private customers

  • It is valid from 15th April 2022
  • In case of fireplace wood ordered in different sizes from the given size, prices shall be calculated as agreed on in advance.
  • The prices on the price list include VAT (27%), and they are valid for products loaded onto a vehicle either on a forest path or by a forest loader!
  • The customer and the forestry company shall agree on the possible discount in case of a delivery at the stump or on the felling area; they shall also agree on the surcharge in case of delivery by MÁV loader and on the price of firewood in case of home delivery.
  • Each firewood-pricelist published earlier, shall be annulled on 15th April 2022!
AssortmentGross retailer price
Wood material delivered by a forest or a forestry loader
1. Thick firewood according to the former HS (Hungarian Standards) 1220:84 HUF/m3
BEECH/HORNBEAM (2-3 m) 25400
OAK/TURKEY OAK (1 m) 26670
OAK/TURKEY OAK (2-3 m) 24765
ACACIA (1 m) 27305
ACACIA (2-3 m) 25400
UNIFIED TOUGH LEAFY TREES (1 m) (Northern red oak, maple, elms, ash, cherry)26670
UNIFIED TOUGH LEAFY TREES (2 m) (Northern red oak, maple, elms, ash, cherry) 24765
ALDER (1-2 m, 3 m) 19685
2. Cleaved firewood HUF/m3
3. Fireplace wood (0.33 m in length, prices of fireplace wood are valid for bulk stere: 0.54 m3 / bulk stere) HUF/stere

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