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okotur tanosveny

“The Eco-tourist Training Path of the Year” (2015) is situated in the western direction from Zalakaros and in the south-eastern direction from Zalamerenye, on the area of Zalakaros Forest Park; it is 1152 metres, and using the interactive tables we can get to know the protecting and economic role of the forest, its tasks for public welfare, mushrooms and forest animals in the Zalakaros Forest Park; using “loud” tables we can listen to the songs of certain bird species. As for the new features of the training path we can see there relaxing wave-benches designed individually, interactive benches turning cubes and arched seats.


Sights of the surroundings

Zalakaros Forest Park is situated in the heart of the county; there are a lot of breath-taking sights and exciting leisure activities that provide you a complex possibility for taking a trip. Granit Cure Spa in Zalakaros is well-known and appreciated both nationally and in Europe; it is a family friendly complex that is visited by a load of people because it is well-equipped and it has several programmes, either in summer season or in other months.

There are plenty of opportunities for animal friends in the area; they can meet special animal species for example in the Buffalo Reserve in Kápolnapuszta, in the zoo in Fenyvespuszta where you can stroke animals and in the Zobori Kalandozoo in Zalaszabar.

The countryside around Kis-Balaton is highly appropriate for taking a walk, hiking and cycling – due to the cycle path that connects the Forest Park in Zalakaros and its surroundings. We can have a beautiful view from the lookout tower at the first table of the training path in the Forest Park; if the weather is good, we can see Kis-Balaton, Badacsony and a great part of Balaton-Highlands properly.

It is our great pleasure that the training path is at the Pál Rockenbauer Blue-tour route of South-Transdanubia.

We welcome everyone on the training path with pleasure who would like to get to know the flora and fauna of the area and take a pleasant walk in the fresh aired forest environment.


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